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Greyhound Behavior

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Tips on Adaptation
The First Few Days at Home
Separation Anxiety
Greyhounds and Kids
Greyhounds and Other Pets
Feeding Your Greyhound
Greyhound Health
Exercise, Training, and Handling Your Greyhound

General Greyhound Information:
Greyhound Behavior Part 1 - Some basics on why and how retired racers are different.
Greyhound Behavior Part 2 - Aggression in retired racers.
Greyhound Behavior Part 3 - Changes in greyhound behavior after the initial adaptation.
Greyhound Behavior Part 4 - Fighting greyhounds.
Greyhound Behavior Part 5 - Greyhounds and cats.
Greyhound Warnings
Running & Retired Racing Greyhounds: A Dangerous Combination

Specific Behavior Articles:
Fighting or Playing? Aggression in Greyhounds
Dog Parks: Are They a Good Idea?
TRUST - A Deadly Disease
Shyness, Fearfulness and Induced Phobias in Greyhounds
Retractable Leads: A Deadly Invention
Why Muzzle A Greyhound?
Heat Stroke In Greyhounds: A Very Real Threat
Baby Gates and Doggy Doors: Keeping Your Greyhound Out of Trouble
Greyhounds and Choke Chains: Proceed With Caution!!
Training People Who Blame the Dog

Greyhound Health Warnings and Information:
Greyhound Dental Problems: Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis (CUPS)
Canine Vestibular Syndrome (Idiopathic Vestibulitis): Is It Serious?
Dangers of Flea and Tick Products
Elevated Food Dishes: Does It Matter for Greyhounds?
Amputation Decisions
Heat Stroke in Greyhounds: What You Need to Know
Greyhound Bloodwork
Yard Hazards for Greyhounds
Cat Litter Dangers
Canine Virus Scare: Racing Greyhounds Believed to Be Source
Pathologic Fractures: Osteosarcoma's Painful Message
Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds: Early Diagnosis and Options
Cassie's Cure: "Incontinence" Mystery Solved
Pain Management and Greyhounds
Lumbosacral Stenosis
Health Concerns in the Retired Racing Greyhound
Lure Coursing and the Retired Racing Greyhound
Heart Problems in Greyhounds

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