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Help support the efforts of Greyhound Companions of New Mexico. Some of the items below are in stock and can be purchased at: All Sports Trophies at 2939 Monte Vista, N.E. in Albuquerque, NM 87106. If you can't visit All Sports, you can order by phone at 1-800-749-2436 if you are outside Albuquerque or call 268-2436 if you are within the Albuqerque area. We are not set up to accept credit cards yet - sorry for the inconvenience. (Prices do not include shipping)

We’ll help you find just about any item you need for your greyhound, so contact us at and we'll have you and your greyhounds smiling and wagging your tails about our dog and people stuff!

Retired from Racing, Not From Life

This beautiful art book is a fundraiser for OSU's Greyhound Health & Wellness Program (GHWP) . It is a compilation of stunning art & photography featuring Greyhounds. Fifty contributors from around the world generously donated their talents to raise money & awareness for the program. 100% of the proceeds are sent from the publisher directly to the GHWP.

It can be ordered here:
This book features a very special painting of Strider Paulsen by artist Valarie Wolf.
Valarie wrote this about her experience painting Strider from a photo provided by Judy: 'The painting was an experience filled with all sorts of emotions: Happiness when I completed a part of the painting and 'got it right'. Nervousness when I thought 'oh...what if it doesn't turn out 'just right'. Frustration when I had to redo sections over and over. Awe as to what a beautiful creature Srtider is and how I MUST do him justice! Crying when you told us that he was at the vet. Elation and gratitude when you received the portrait and liked it, for giving me the opportunity to paint your beloved pet, and for putting faith in me to do the job.
I will always be grateful for the experience.
Please give Strider hugs and kisses from me. I love him from afar.'
Please join us in supporting this wonderful cause, and become a proud owner of ‘Retired from Racing, Not From Life’.

GREY2K USA Greyhound Advocates Calendar
This calendar is dedicated to the thousands of gentle dogs who have been rescued over the years, the wonderful adoption groups that saved them and the families who truly love them. Click here for details:

We have GCNM-logo tee-shirts (short and long-sleeve) and sweat shirts.
All GCNM shirts, long or short-sleeved, are on sale for $8.00 each.




Why Animals Matter: The Case for Animal Protection
Why Animals Matter: The Case for Animal Protection offers a concise yet complete overview of the problems of animal suffering. Authors: Erin E. Williams and Margo DeMello. For more details and to order, please visit

Why Animals Matter

Greyhound Art in Iron and Flagstone by Tony Romero


Street Address



Street Address with Name and Two Running Greyhounds $150.00

Engraved Stone Greyhound Head


Egyptian Greyhound

Engraved Stone Greyhound Head $60.00,
Stand $60.00


Egyptian Greyhound $60.00, Stand $90.00

Running Greyhound Yard Ornament


Standing Greyhound Yard Ornament

Running Greyhound Yard Ornament $35.00


Standing Greyhound Yard Ornament $35.00

Martingale Style Collars
These beautiful collars are made by Silk Road Collars - the most recognized name in greyhound collar fashions. Because each collar is lined with felt, they are generally more comfortable than nylon. For tender-necked (hairless!) greyhounds, the solid color, velvet collars are especially suitable as they are fully lined with velvet. A 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with each collar.

Many designs are available! Costs vary depending on width and ribbon design.

Velvet Collar Collar Assortment Collars in Different Designs
Samples of Collars Samples of Collars

Other Shopping Sites
For shopping sites with merchandise for your greyhound and you, check out the links below.


Toastie Coats & Paws
Greyhound Fashions

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